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Refugio County was founded in 1836.

As of 2000, the population of Refugio County is 7,828.

The region in Refugio County receives annual rainfall averages of 37 inches. Hurricane Carla’s eye passed just northeast of Refugio County in September 1961.

Refugio County essentially flat land covered with tall prairie grass spotted with some areas of mesquite, live oak, prickly pear, and huisache. Elevations range from 0 at the coast to 100 feet in the northwest corner of the county. The region is drained by the converging Guadalupe and San Antonio rivers to the north and to the south by the Aransas River.

Refugio County entered the regular National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in October 1971. The date of the current county map is March 1985.

Coastal Barrier Resources Systems are identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and can be viewed here.


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 Community   Community ID   Policies in Effect   Insurance in Force   # Paid Losses   $ PaidLosses   Substantial Damage Claims Since 1978 
Refugio County48550170$ 15,047,800.008$ 58,707.751
City of Austwell48108610$ 1,575,000.001$ 13,756.960
City of Bayside48158640$ 8,510,700.001$ 16,962.710
Town of Refugio48054020$ 3,561,600.0022$ 254,761.164
Town of Woodsboro48098719$ 2,749,000.005$ 94,214.250
Total AmountsN/A159$ 31,444,100.0037$ 438,402.835

Note: Data from the Community Information System (CIS) July 8, 2010.